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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Progress report on OA in the Nordic countries

Turid Hedlund and Ingegerd Rabow, Open Access in the Nordic Countries - a State of the Art Report, Nordbib, February 28, 2007.  (Thanks to Co-Action.)  Excerpt:

The report describes the present situation in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland) regarding Open Access in scientific publishing. The present progress report presents comprehensive policy issues when present, as well as initiatives concerning a transfer to a more Open Access publishing policy, such as immediate application of Open Access publishing at various universities or research institutes. Success stories and challenging areas are given in the report and are illustrated with concrete examples.

The reports deals with primary Open Access publishing of scientific journals, working paper series and doctoral theses as well as parallel publishing of scientific articles in publication repositories. The role of the publishers will also be examined in connection with questions about agreements.

Open Access publishing demands a clear picture of the copyright to material published on the Internet. The report considers the central questions and initiatives to solutions to the copyright problems....

The introduction of the report is a section about the background to the Open Access or free access to scientific publications....In the following two sections publication patterns and the differences that exist within all science fields are described. Our examples are taken from biomedicine and the humanities and social sciences. Scientific journal publishing, specifically in the Nordic countries with small language areas and small circles of readers, is one of the problem areas in the report. In section four, alternatives for solutions through some pilot studies in the Nordic countries are described. In sections five to nine a country report of each Nordic country is given (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). The report finishes with a discussion about future and existing challenges.

This report is commissioned by the Nordbib project, and the report will primarily function as a basis for discussion at a workshop, arranged by Nordbib, during the spring 2007....