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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Opening up Google scans of public-domain govt documents

Raizel, An Open Letter to Google, William Patry, and Google's Library Partners, No Attention, April 13, 2007.  (Thanks to Klaus Graf.)  Excerpt:

All I'm asking for is full access for the public to government documents on Google BookSearch. These documents are in the public domain and therefore should not be limited by claims of copyright, by Google or by the Library Partners.
According to Google's own FAQ:

For books that enter Book Search through the Library Project, what you see depends on the book's copyright status. . . . If the book is in the public domain and therefore out of copyright, you can page through the entire book and even download it and read it offline.

This statement implies all materials on Book Search that one cannot page through or download are not in the public domain.

Can you provide the public a reason why Google BookSearch has not made public domain government documents fully available? ...

I'm sure you know that government works created by the U.S. federal government are not protected by copyright....