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Thursday, April 12, 2007

OA journal of scientific posters

ePosters is a new OA journal of scientific posters.  (Thanks to Science Quick Picks.)  From the site:

Welcome to, the free online journal where you can share your scientific or medical poster with the world.

After you present your poster at a conference or meeting you why not upload it here at

Benefits of submitting your poster:

  • The process is easy and free of charge
  • You can cite your poster by its reference number and date on your résumé
  • Access to your work is no longer restricted to meeting attendees; it will have worldwide exposure
  • Your poster can always be found using keywords or it's unique reference number
  • Readers can contact you directly about your work (via anonymous email) increasing collaborative opportunities
  • Visitors can print your poster locally thereby reducing your administration. is now accepting submissions