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Sunday, April 08, 2007

New OA journal of psychology

The Journal of Social, Evolutionary & Cultural Psychology is a new peer-reviewed OA journal whose inaugural issue was published in January.  (Thanks to Like a Lake.)   From the editorial in that issue by Rosemarie I. Soko and Sarah L. Strout:

...With the (JSEC), we offer a forum not only for work combining different fields within psychology, but also for interdisciplinary work combining psychology and other fields....

Throughout modern psychology’s brief history, one of the reasons that psychologists have focused on a single aspect of psychology exclusively is because it is difficult to study all of the influences on human behavior simultaneously. However, with recent advances in statistics, such as multiple regression, multi-dimensional scaling, and easily computed ANOVAs, as well as advances in methodology and tools, such as the human genome project and brain imaging, we are no longer limited to approaching human behavior from one perspective. In addition, there is a new ease to the sharing of information, which allows for the exchange of ideas from academicians all over the world and many types of research with peoples from diverse cultures. Part of this exchange is aided by online, free-access, peer-reviewed journals such as JSEC....