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Thursday, April 19, 2007

More on the OpenDOAR open API

OpenDOAR now has an open API for useful and creative mash-ups.  From yesterday's announcement:

OpenDOAR, as a SHERPA project, is pleased to announce the release of an API that lets developers use OpenDOAR data in their applications. It is a machine-to-machine interface that can run a wide variety of queries against the OpenDOAR Database and get back XML data. Developers can choose to receive just repository titles & URLs, all the available OpenDOAR data, or intermediate levels of detail. They can then incorporate the output into their own applications and 'mash-ups', or use it to control processes such as OAI-PMH harvesting.

The following example illustrates how the API works:

This makes the API request below for repositories holding French language material, with the results sorted by country and repository name:,rname

The resultant XML is then processed locally for display using [a] PHP script....

This is just one example of the many uses to which the API can be put. Three experimental applications were created by external collaborators during the prototype stage, including the Google Maps mash-up Repository66. These examples are detailed in the full online description of the API...where full technical documentation can also be found.

PS:  For background, see my blog post from March 21, 2007.