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Saturday, April 21, 2007

More on OA in classics

Josiah Ober and three co-authors, Toward Open Access in Ancient Studies: The Princeton-Stanford Working Papers in Classics, Hesperia, 76 (2007) pp. 229-242.  (Thanks to Tom Elliott.)

Abstract:   The authors’ experience with founding and managing an open-access Internet site for publishing scholarly preprints, the Princeton-Stanford Working Papers in Classics, raises issues about the status of publication in classical studies. Open-access e-prints offer unique advantages in terms of availability and dated registration of work, but raise concerns about certification and permanent archiving. E-prints and traditional publications are currently complementary. Yet the worlds of scholarly publication and academic evaluation of scholarship are changing in important ways; closer cooperation between publishers, scholars, and university administrators could help to maximize benefits and limit costs to disciplines, institutions, and individuals.