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Monday, April 02, 2007

JISC invests in UK institutional repositories

JISC has announced significant new funding for institutional repositories in the UK.  From its press release (March 30, 2007):

Over 80 projects, totalling more than £15m of funding, have been successful in the latest round of JISCís capital programme, it was announced today.

The projects are being funded under e-learning, repositories and preservation, e-infrastructure, users and innovation, and e-research strands of the overarching programme, which represents an investment of some £90m over three years. The call for proposals was issued in September of last year, the second of three under the programme....

The heaviest investment in the current round of funding is being made in support of the establishment and development of institutional repositories. Nearly £5m is being awarded to more than 40 projects, including start up and enhancement projects, preservation activities, those building tools such as software, metadata, retrieval and text-mining tools, and projects building national infrastructure services.

The current round of funding follows the award of £5.5m last September and a range of other activities under the overarching capital programme, including: SuperJANET5, the upgrade to the JANET network (£27.6m); enhancements to the national e-infrastructure, including enhancements in the areas of access management, the National Grid Service and text mining (£3.6m); [and] the establishment of 'The Depot', a repository which can host research outputs should institutions not have a repository in which to deposit (£0.5m)....

A third call for proposals, to be issued in April, will focus on e-learning, repositories and preservation and semantic services for e-infrastructure alongside a cross-programme call.
For details of the newly-funded projects, please go [here]....