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Friday, April 06, 2007

IR coming to OK State

Rachel Mayberry, Web repository to be available next semester, Daily O'Collegian, April 3, 2007.  Excerpt:

This fall, OSU [Oklahoma State University] faculty and staff will no longer be left out of the loop with the library’s Digital Repository.

The repository, or E-Archive, is a Web site created about a year ago that highlights professors’ research, grad students’ theses and dissertations, and any OSU department or research unit’s presentations and conference papers.

Bonnie Ann Cain, the OSU library coordinator of communications and publications, said the repository holds about 9,000 documents accessible to anyone across the world, although certain documents and formats are available to only OSU students and faculty....

Robin Leech, the OSU library digital initiatives director, said later on this spring, the library is adding Honors College students’ capstone projects and prestigious faculty research award recipients into the repository.

Leech said the library holds an award ceremony for faculty that have outstanding achievements in their research field.
“We offer the winners a chance to upload their research permanently on the Web site,” Leech said....

“The professors are excited because they can send their information and research worldwide,” Leech said.

“There’s many on things published in the repository, so I spend a lot of time getting permission from copyrighters to scan and copy articles on the Web site,” Leech said.

Leech said the first 24 pages of the theses and dissertations are available for anyone to read, but OSU students can view the whole document.

“Anyone who participates in submitting to the repository receives a daily e-mail of how many people have been viewing their research information,” Leech said.

Bob Darcy, regents professor of political science and statistics, said he has submitted about 10-15 journal articles dealing with Oklahoma and Oklahoma politics to the repository....

Darcy said a lot of journals are more obscure than others.  “With the Digital Repository, all journals have a clear advantage at being fairly published in a straight-forward manner,” Darcy said.

Darcy said he got an e-mail from a Ph.D student in Canada, asking for his research, so he gave her the URL for the repository so she could access it....