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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Housekeeping notes

Google just upgraded Open Access News, without my consent, from Old Blogger to New Blogger. In the process, it introduced a slew of garbage characters into old posts, apparently corresponding to smart quotes, m-hyphens, and accented characters. In Explorer they show up as square boxes and in Firefox as black diamonds with question marks. If I have to fix these manually, I'll never get around to it (I have 10,700+ posts). I expect other post-transition glitches and apologize in advance for the poor service.

Update. Another glitch: the permalinks for each new post double up the item number. Until I can fix this, users will have to delete one copy before the link will work as intended. For example,


must become


Update. I just fixed the garbage-character problem. Many thanks to Dorothea Salo for the solution.

Update. I just fixed the double-ID problem as well, and again thank Dorothea for the solution.