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Thursday, April 05, 2007

French report on mandating green OA

Dominique L'Hostis and Pascal Aventurier, Open archives: Towards a policy of mandatory deposit? A summary report on current developments, researcher practices and the role of institutionsINRA, March 4, 2007.  An English translation and update of the French original from November 2006.  (Thanks to Hélène Bosc.)  Excerpt:

Institutional repositories enable the storage (archiving) of all scientific work in a digital form for the purposes of access and preservation. Numerous studies have demonstrated that above all they provide added value in the form of increase in visibility, usage and impact for scientific work. Deposit rates, however, will remain very low (at around 15%), until institutions adopt mandatory deposit policies.

Mandatory deposit has shown itself to be the only way to ensure the deposit of 100% of annual research output in an open institutional archive, an essential condition for deriving all the benefits anticipated from Open Access. The mandate should be linked to assessment: this will guarantee a high deposit rate and facilitate the work of assessment commissions.

Linking mandatory deposit with the assessment process has two advantages:

  • an increase in the number of documents deposited in open institutional archives, thus guaranteeing the regular updating of data,
  • a considerable reduction in the work necessary to prepare assessments, for both assessors and researchers....