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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Filling the Harvard institutional repository

[Stuart] Shieber, Why Donít Scholars Provide Open Access to Their Articles? Harvard Interactive Media Group, April 17, 2007.  Blurb for a public talk to be given at Harvard today:

Let us stipulate, for the purpose of discussion, that open access to the scholarly literature is a Good Thing for the individual scholars and for society as a whole. Why then, do scholars not make their articles available through open access? In particular, why are institutional repositories so poorly populated? (See, for instance, Institutional Repositories: Evaluating the Reasons for Non-use of Cornell Universityís Installation of DSpace.) The question is not idle; as Harvard University contemplates setting up an institutional repository, it behooves us to make sure that the effort is worthwhile and that a significant fraction of the scholarly article output of the faculty end up available therein. I will review the background on the issue and then make a proposal that I believe could lead to extremely high availability rates at modest cost. The proposal does, however, require the enthusiastic participation of the free culture movement.