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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Brewster Kahle on OA to museum content

Geoff Crane has blogged some notes on Brewster Kahle's plenary address at Museums and the Web 2007 (San Francisco, April 11-14, 2007).  Excerpt:

Brewster talked about the possibility of creating a modern Library of Alexandria, an online open access library of everything.

He stepped through various media types, outlining the possibilities, probabilities, difficulties and current state of play with each: texts, audio, moving image, software and web.

Interestingly the biggest hurdle to overcome isn't the volume of data, but rather the legal issues surrounding copyright, access and usage.

Of course many works [are] in the public domain and are able to be digitised, and Brewster's organisation already have 150 000 books, 100 000 audio recordings, 55 000 movies and billions of webpages available, as he put it, for free and forever. These numbers are growing rapidly: for example, over 12 000 printed books are being scanned (at a cost of about 30 per page) every month! ...

In concluding his presentation, Brewster challenged us, the museum community, to let go of some of our control over our content, and in return use Internet Archive's unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth for free, for ever!