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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

BMC impact factors up

Increased citation impact for BioMed Central journals, BMC blog, April 17, 2007. 

Every year, BioMed Central calculates unofficial impact factors for journals that have published a significant number of research articles but do not yet have an official impact factor. These unofficial impact factors use the same citation data and methodology used by Thomson Scientific's official impact factor calculations.

Newly calculated unofficial 2006 impact factors show a significantly increased citation rate for BioMed Central journals. For example, BMC Biology and BMC Medicine, the flagship journals of the BMC series, both increased their unofficial impact factors significantly. The 2006 unofficial impact factor for BMC Biology is 4.43 (up from 3.81 in 2005) while for BMC Medicine the 2006 figure is 4.17 (up from 2.52 in 2005).

Updated unofficial impact factors for more than 50 journals published by BioMed Central are listed on our Impact Factor FAQ page, alongside details of official impact factors for a further 26 journals.

Overall, the average unofficial impact factor for a BioMed Central journal increased by 0.39 compared to 2005. Other BioMed Central journals with impressive unofficial 2006 impact factors include Journal of Neuroinflammation (4.36), Retrovirology (4.32), Cardiovascular Diabetology (4.00), Molecular Cancer (3.62) and Journal of Translational Medicine (3.30). Updated official 2006 impact factors will be released by Thomson Scientific in June.