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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blogging open science

Bill Hooker wrote a very interesting blog post last week on real-time open blogging of lab science --hypotheses, data, finished papers, the works.  After linking to some colleagues who are already doing this, he adds:

There must be more. Who else is doing, or planning to do, open science? And further, how can we help each other?

My working hypothesis is that open, collaborative models should out-produce the current standard model of research, which involves a great deal of inefficiency in the form of secrecy and mistrust. Open science barely exists at the moment -- infancy would be an overly optimistic term for its developmental state. Right now, one of the most important things open science advocates can do is find and support each other (and remember, openness is inclusive of a range of practices -- there's no purity test; we share a hypothesis not an ideology).

Also see the growing  number of comments on the post.