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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wiley-Blackwell launches an OA journal of clinical drug trials

Wiley-Blackwell is launching a new peer-reviewed OA journal, Archives of Drug Information (apparently no web site yet).  From yesterday's announcement

Wiley-Blackwell announced the launch of Archives of Drug Information (ADI), a new open access, freely available peer-reviewed journal, dedicated to publishing the results of drug studies. This journal will help to address requests for transparency voiced by societies, health care practioners, patients, media, and the government to disclose clinical trial information.

ADI is unique because it will publish not only results of clinical trials and drug studies but also articles on inconclusive and/or negative clinical trials, early drug development, routine drug-drug interaction, pharmacokinetic studies, and other low-profile areas that are traditionally overlooked. The first articles will be published online April 2007.

"ADI will provide an unbiased, scientific home for high-quality information that should be in the public domain but currently resides on file somewhere," says Dr. C. Michael Stein, editor of Archives of Drug Information. 'It will also help prevent scientists in drug development from repeating mistakes or following the same blind alleys others have explored because that information has never been published." ...

With ADI, it will be possible for everyone to freely search every published article to locate specific trials, methods, and experimental results....

PS:  Note that ADI will be a full OA journal, not a hybrid under Wiley's Funded Access or Blackwell's Online Open.  I believe it's the first full OA journal for either company.  The press release doesn't say whether ADI will charge author-side publication fees.