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Sunday, March 25, 2007

ScientificCommons starts citation tracking

Lars Kirchhoff, ScientificCommons starts citation analysis, Lars Kirchhoff, March 23, 2007.  Excerpt:  

As we [at ScientificCommons] have now gathered more than 500.000 full text documents, we started to extract the citations from the full text documents. Thomas [Nicolai] did a great job getting the citation extractor working, which means we could start the link creation. We setup the citation linking working in both ways. This means we link incoming publication (other publication that cite this publication) and outgoing ones (publication cited within the selected publication) and of course the authors are linked too. It will take some time to generate all links on the slow hardware we've got, but we looking forward to it. Below you find some examples, which already have this new feature:

Single direction:

Both directions:

Thomas Nicolai adds by email: "Currently we have been extracting about 0.3 Million OA citation relations, but I guess we can take this up to 1 million with a couple of improvements."

Comment. Very well done. All this is from good algorithms and OA/OAI repository harvesting. If it can scale, it will be a most useful OA layer on top of the OA literature itself, and one step away from a second layer that counts or weighs citations to and from OA literature.

Update (3/26/07). The links didn't work in the form in which I posted them yesterday, but they should work now. Sorry for the inconvenience. The problem was an HTML error at my end, not at ScientificCommons.