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Saturday, March 24, 2007

The rise of OA journals

Alex Koohang and Keith Harman, The Academic Open Access E-Journal: Platform and Portal, Informing Science Journal, 9 (2006).   (Thanks to Abdullah.)

Abstract:   This paper demonstrates that advanced technologies and the increasing acceptance of academic open access e-journals offer an opportunity to reconsider their form and function as a medium to enhance scholarly communication. The academic open access e-journal is envisioned as a platform and a portal within the context of an open source community including a format and functions that enable it to achieve that objective. A working model for academic open access ejournals is presented. This model is intended for open source communities involved in designing, developing, and/or improving open access academic e-journals.

From the body of the paper:

History indicates that scholars will seek alternative methods of communication and alternative organizational structures when they perceive that existing media and existing structures no longer provide the support scholars need to most effectively engage in scientific inquiry and to communicate their findings. Pedersen (1996, pp. 470- 474) for example recounts that during the 16th and 17th centuries many of Europe’s most gifted scientists made an exodus from the universities to the first institutes for scientific research. Similarly, Ruegg (1992, pp. 465-467) argues that book-publishing and foundations became the “ally” of humanism and augmented its initial wide-scale diffusion throughout Europe during the late 15th Century.  The academic open access e-journal is yet another manifestation of that historic process....