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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Place for IR managers to talk shop

Dorothea Salo has launched an IR-Managers web site, which includes a blog, forum, and mailing list.  From the site:

The IR-Managers a resource and communications tool for librarians, programmers, and other professionals running digital repositories, with an especial focus on institutional repositories (IRs) in colleges and universities in the United States.

Although IRs are a focus of the various movements toward open access to the research and scholarly literature, this site is not intended for open-access advocacy. Although IRs are the focus of much technical investigation, this site is not purely technical. Instead, it is a gathering-place for people doing the immediate day-to-day tasks involved in planning, setting up, running, and recruiting content for IRs.

Nice touch:  the forum doesn't let spambots register but neither does it make you prove your humanity by reading an illegible string of letters and retyping it.  You'll only have to answer a question about open access.

The blog is now recruiting contributors.