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Friday, March 30, 2007

Open science on public radio

Janet Babin, Open source science, transcript of a radio story on NPR's Marketplace, March 28, 2007.  Hear the original story.  From the transcript:

If [lab work] could be shared, [Jean-Claude Bradley, chemistry professor at Drexel University] says researchers wouldn't have to repeat failed experiments, and could save time. So he decided to try something new. He and his students at Drexel University now post all of their lab experiments on a wiki, or website, for anyone to see.

And they're not just working in the hypothetical they're searching for chemical compounds that could fight malaria.

Bradley says he purposely chose a disease was largely being ignored by pharmaceutical companies....

The concept of sharing scientific research is so new, Bradley's coined a phrase for it: open notebook science.

But openness comes with a price: Bradley's online lab page has a disclaimer: any contributions made on the site are given over to the public domain. No lucrative patent deals, no blockbuster drugs....