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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Open API from OpenDOAR

OpenDOAR has opened up its API for experiments, mash-ups, and creative new services.  (Thanks to Peter Millington.)  From the site:

We have developed a machine-to-machine interface that lets applications run a wide variety of queries against the OpenDOAR Database and return the results as XML data. You can choose to retrieve just repository titles & URLs (suitable for OAI-PMH harvesting), or all the available OpenDOAR data, or intermediate levels of detail. You can then incorporate the output into your own applications and 'mash-ups'.

The API is due to be released as an officially supported service at the beginning of April 2007. Until then, it is undergoing trials, and we invite interested parties to participate in the testing and provide feedback. If you are interested taking part, please contact Peter Millington for the draft documentation. This will be added to the OpenDOAR website when the API is officially released.

SHERPA may introduce some small changes between now and the official launch (e.g. adding copyright and licensing statements to the XML output) but doesn't expect any large changes.

One example from SHERPA itself is this XML list of all the repositories listed in OpenDOAR.  Another example is this XML list of data about Caltech's Earthquake Engineering Research Laboratory repository.  The most exciting example to date is the mash-up of OpenDOAR and Google Maps from Repository66.