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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Oncologists need better access

Time-Starved Oncologists Still Not Receiving Crucial Medical Information, a press release on a recent survey by VerusMed, March 7, 2007.  Excerpt:

Despite having no shortage of medical news and information resources, oncologists still say they are missing key health care information in several areas that are critical to their clinical practice, finds a VerusMed information needs survey of more than 100 oncologists.

Even though nearly half of oncologists surveyed spend three or more hours per week trying to keep current with advancements in cancer treatment, many say that they are still lacking essential information regarding post-marketing studies, toxicity management and reimbursement, among other areas....

The survey also found that out of the numerous ways to receive medical information, oncologists still rely on medical journals, conferences and other peer interactions as their primary knowledge resources.

Surprisingly, the physician information needs assessment also discovered that oncologists are not adopting new media technology very quickly. When asked to pick their top two preferences for receiving medical information, many said they still rely on traditional and electronic mail, followed closely by fax delivery....

Comment.  What is cause and what is effect here?  If more clinical oncology information were OA, would more oncologists look online for the information they need?