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Thursday, March 15, 2007

OA support at SUNY Stony Brook

Lynn Hsieh, Open Access Debate Gains Momentum, The Stony Brook Statesman, March 12, 2007.  Excerpt:

...Nathan Baum, the Assistant Director for Electronic Resources and Services at Stony Brook said, “We support the Open Access Debate. We think it’s a good idea and may help bring the costs down for Electric Journals....” 

Dr. Susan Brennan, associate professor of Cognitive Psychology at Stony Brook, [said], “It is really aggravating when a scientific paper is unavailable when it's in a journal that our library doesn't carry because it's either too expensive or too obscure…I consider it both my right and my duty to make this research available.  I want other researchers to cite my research and build upon it.  My research is federally funded, so I want it to be available to all.”

The debate over open access resulted in the Federal Research Public Access Act proposed by the 110th Congress....

One way Stony Brook participates in Open Access is with [an institutional membership] with Biomed central....

Other proponents to the Open Access Debate, question the skyrocketing increases in publishing costs. According to Brennan, “the authors of published articles never receive monetary compensation either, but do have to pay for things like reprints…all of the profit goes to the publishing company.  Some of this is justified, as they pay for proofreading and copy-editing…But given the new procedures for highly efficient electronic submission, review, and distribution I would think that some of the publishing costs should actually be coming down rather than sharply rising.”