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Thursday, March 29, 2007

OA repository adds tell-a-colleague button

dLIST, the OA repository for information science and technology, has added a tell-a-colleague button.  From the site:

You can now use the Tell a Colleague email link feature available with all articles in dLIST to spread the word about your research! To check it out, visit any item: for example, Bailey's Open Access Bibliography. Once in that record, click on the Tell a colleague hyperlink. Your email client will open with brief information about the article, including the dLIST URL and an invitation to read it. Simply insert the appropriate address(es) and send the email to interested colleagues. Do try it out - comments and suggestions are welcome.

PS: This feature is an EPrints customization already available to any sites running EPrints 2 or 3. Anita Coleman brought it to my attention because she thought too few EPrints archive managers were aware of it. Note to archive managers: the key documents for this customization are here, here, and here.