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Friday, March 02, 2007

New OA journal of economics

Economics is a new "open-access, open-assessment" journal.  (Thanks to Ulrich Poeschl.)  From the site:

Economics is a pathbreaking journal, capturing the advantages of some highly successful natural science journals. It adopts a “Linux approach” to publication, viewing research as a cooperative enterprise between authors, editors, referees and readers.

The journal has the following advantages:

  1. Economics is free: It is costless to both readers and authors. After all, research is a public good.

  2. Economics is quick: As it uses a public peer review process, publication lags are radically reduced.

  3. Economics is widely disseminated: Papers can be sent to all interested readers, permitting a far wider readership than is the case with traditional journals.

  4. Economics is democratic: The quality of an article is decided not just by the editors and referees, but also by the entire community of Registered Readers.

  5. Economics is convenient: References are hyperlinked to the literature; articles are linked to related material, e.g., data sets and mathematical derivations.

  6. Economics is up to date: Authors can upload revised versions of their publications, in response to the public peer review.