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Friday, March 09, 2007

More on the HHMI-Elsevier deal

For my comments on the HHMI-Elsevier deal, see my blog post from yesterday. 

I wouldn't normally write a blog post merely to point to another of my own posts.  But after writing my first-draft blog comments yesterday, I realized that I was simply wrong about a key part of the agreement.  I deleted the comments, confirmed my new understanding, and wrote some new ones.  Unfortunately, the faulty comments were online during mid-day for European time zones.  Mark Chillingworth cited them on the IWRblog and perhaps others did as well.  (Fortunately, Mark's summary didn't repeat my error.)  Others may have read the first version without realizing that there's now a new version.

In my revised comments, note especially #10:  my apology for the confusion this caused.