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Saturday, March 24, 2007

More on green and gold OA

Stevan Harnad, Clarifying the Logic of Open Choice: I (of 2), Open Access Archivangelism, March 24, 2007.  Excerpt:

Below is a posting, with permission, of an offline exchange with Jan Velterop, of Springer Open Choice....(The title "Clarifying the Logic of Open Choice" is mine, not Jan's.)

Jan argues that paying for Open Choice Gold OA at this time, while subscriptions are still paying all the costs of publishing, would not be double-paying for OA.

I argue that it would be.

Jan argues that mandating Green OA will destroy journals and peer review.

I argue that it will provide OA -- and that if it ever does cause subscription cancellation, then that will be the time to convert to Gold OA, paying the institutional Gold OA publishing costs out of the institutional subscription cancellation savings themselves, rather than pre-emptively double-paying, as we would be doing if we did it now, while subscriptions are still paying all the costs of publishing....