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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March/April D-Lib

The March/April issue of D-Lib Magazine is now online.  Here are the OA-related articles:

  • Philip M. Davis and Matthew J.L. Connolly, Institutional Repositories: Evaluating the Reasons for Non-use of Cornell University's Installation of DSpace.  Excerpt from abstract:  "Cornell's DSpace is largely underpopulated and underused by its faculty. Many of its collections are empty, and most collections contain few items. Those collections that experience steady growth are collections in which the university has made an administrative investment, such are requiring deposits of theses and dissertations into DSpace. Cornell faculty have little knowledge of and little motivation to use DSpace. Many faculty use alternatives to institutional repositories, such as their personal Web pages and disciplinary repositories, which are perceived to have higher community salience than one's affiliate institution. Faculty gave many reasons for not using repositories: redundancy with other modes of disseminating information, the learning curve, confusion with copyright, fear of plagiarism and having one's work scooped, associating one's work with inconsistent quality, and concerns about whether posting a manuscript constitutes 'publishing'."

  • Shigeki Sugita and five co-authors, Linking Service to Open Access Repositories.  Sugita described the article this way in a LibLicense post yesterday:  "AIRway project and OCLC Openly informatics division have developed a way to combine institutional repositories with linking services, which could help researchers obtain Open Access documents easily through the link resolver even when the affiliated organization has not subscribed to the electronic journal." 

PS:  D-Lib is an OA journal, and in this issue announces the D-Lib Alliance to provide financial and advisory support.  Please consider asking your institution to help the cause.