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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Looking for OA datasets in archaeology

Eric Kansa, Development News and Requests, Digging Digitally, March 26, 2007.  Excerpt:

As many of you know, Iím leading development of Open Context, a web-based data publishing tool built on the conceptual framework (data structures) described by ArchaeoML....

[W]e're nearing public demonstration of a web-based data publishing tool for museum collections and archaeological field research. The publishing tool will allow researchers to describe their data so that it can be processed and expressed in ArchaeoML. It imports data for use in Open Context and in OCHRE, the sophisticated system in development at the University of Chicago.

Iím looking for a few good datasets (tables describing field research, or descriptions of finds and collections), as well as collaborators interested in testing the publishing tool and providing feedback on a tool that will no doubt be somewhat frustrating at first. Thereís no reward other than good-will, since this publisher will be released open-source once a stable version 1 is ready.

If youíre interested in open, shared data, and want to help create an infrastructure for making data sharing a normal part of archaeology, museums, and other areas of the social sciences, please email me!