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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Liege adopts an OA mandate

The Université de Liège has adopted an OA mandate, thanks to its exemplary rector, Bernard Rentier.   From Rentier's announcement:

The University of Liege (ULg), Belgium, has now adopted mandatory institutional deposit of all its publications.

1. Every publication (article in a journal) by a ULg member must now be posted in the Institutional Repository ("La Digitheque"). By publication it is meant the author's version of the article after peer review and acceptance for publication by the editor....

2. Access to the IR is closed by default, unless opening up is authorised by the publisher. If the access is closed, it remains available to the author(s) only.

3. Metadata of the article are immediately available and they constitute a showcase of the University productivity. The accepted version deposited in the IR can be delivered via the e-mail e-print request button of the IR.

4. As soon as conditions are fulfilled, the author will open access to his accepted version.

The mandate will start as soon as the technical set up will be ready.

Comment.  Not only is this a university-level OA mandate --roughly the 12th worldwide, depending on how you count.  It's the first pure example of what Stevan Harnad calls the immediate deposit / optional access (ID/OA) policy, or what I call the dual deposit/release strategy.  Kudos to all at Liege, especially Rector Rentier.