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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Launch of a new OA publisher and consultant

Co-Action Publishing is a new OA publisher and consultant with "real and virtual offices in Norway, Sweden and Denmark."  From its home page:

Co-Action Publishing is dedicated to Open Access, both through publishing an in-house list of journals and books and by partnering with others to help them realize their own Open Access goals....

We offer a range of tailored Open Access solutions for individual authors, editorial teams, scholarly societies, and academic and professional bodies engaged in the publication of scholarly, peer reviewed journals and books. Current activities are directed towards a broad range of fields including science, biomedicine, social sciences, the humanities, economics, and business management....

From the page on access:

All journals and books in the Co-Action Publishing portfolio are published according to Open Access principles. In short this means that they are available online immediately upon publication, and for free. Readers may download, host, print, adapt, and distribute the complete works - all use is fair use so long as the original author(s) and source are credited. It is not, however, allowed to use the works for commercial purposes. See our rules here

The journals as well as the books published by Co-Action Publishing are archived in multiple places. Apart from being accessible on our own platform, the complete version of the published work is deposited in subject or institution based repositories (such as PubMed Central for life sciences or DIVA for Nordic universities). Such archiving enhances the useability of all deposited publications by allowing sophisticated searching, manipulation, and mining of the texts and images.

All journals and books published by Co-Action Publishing use the OpenURL standard, making it easy for libraries to link users directly from the citation to the full text of the article. Co-Action Publishing is supported by the LOCKSS system to ensure a safe and permanent archive with libraries.

From the page on consulting:

Do you wish to publish and manage a journal or list of titles independently, but need some assistance to make your vision a reality? Do you need some good advice when negotiating a contract renewal with your current publisher? Do you want to learn how to improve the Impact Factor of your journal? Would you like to have a partner with whom to discuss Open Access?

Co-Action Publishing offers a wide range of consulting services to societies, editors, university presses, individual researchers and others....

PS:  This is a very auspicious launch.  Congratulations and best wishes to Co-Action and its three principals, Anne Bindslev (Senior Publisher), Caroline Sutton (Publisher), and Lena Wistrand (Production and Operations Manager).