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Monday, March 26, 2007

KE recommendations for IRs

The recommendations from the Institutional Repositories Workshop sponsored by Knowledge Exchange (Utrecht, January 16-17, 2007) are now online.  (Thanks to Birgit Schmidt.)  The recommendations are divided into six reports:

From the report on Exchanging Research Info:

...The objective of the strand “Exchanging Research Information” was to bring together CRIS (Current Research Information Systems) and OAR (Open Access Repositories). Both applications deal with a specific segment of the academic information domain – notably the specifications, products or outcomes of academic research. Substantial commonalities exist between the two. Rooted in different units of the university (research administration vs. library) they, however, also have their individual characteristics: CRIS primarily have an institutional scope and are mainly referring to context of research whereas OAR are referring to content of research and are per definition internationally oriented.

Given their affinity, achieving interoperability between CRIS and OAR is desirable and will benefit all parties involved, including the researchers. A joint approach will avoid double input and management of redundant data as well as redundant services....