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Friday, March 16, 2007

Integrating OA content with catalogs, portals, and metasearch tools

Index Data has launched an Open Content service to integrate OA content with library catalogs, information portals, and metasearch systems.  From yesterday's announcement:

Index Data has launched a new service to expose open content resources. The initial phase of this service offers ebooks, open access digital repositories, encyclopedia articles, and human-reviewed Internet resources. This service is being offered without charge.

Using standard search protocols such as SRU and Z39.50, system administrators will be able to make open content part of their institution's information portals, federated search systems, catalogs etc.... The initial open content being offered consists of the following resources:

  • Ebooks from the Open Content Alliance
  • Ebooks from Project Gutenberg
  • Internet resources selected for review by the Open Directory Project
  • OAI-compliant resources, the metadata of which has been harvested by OAIster
  • Wikipedia articles

As an example of the benefits of being able to metasearch open resources, we are making freely available a pre-release demo version of Index Data's MasterKey search service that has these open content resources as targets....MasterKey is based on pazpar2, a metasearch engine that will be released under the General Public License within the next month or two.

Comments, questions, or suggestions can be made through our open content listserv, oclist,...or by writing info AT