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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Helping authors choose OA

Valentina Comba, A toolkit for Research Communities: Helping Authors choose the right mode of publication to maximise impact, a presentation at the conference on Institutional archives for research: experiences and projects in Open Access (Rome, November 30 - December 1, 2006).  Abstract:

Purposes. The aim of this paper is to provide practical advice for Authors (and also for librarians as a support tool) wishing to publishing their manuscripts in an Open Access environment, and consequently deriving benefit from the wider accessibility of their work.

Procedures. After describing typical procedures of journal selection for publication currently followed by different groups of Authors, the paper gives some specific examples in the area of biology, clinical medicine and pharmacology.

Findings. A flow-chart has been designed which will make it possible the check a list of sources, directories and “Instructions for Authors” before submitting a manuscript, the paper also includes practical examples of self-archiving and subsequently usage statistics.

Conclusions. It is becoming easier to publish in an Open Access environment, which guarantees that research papers will have a greater impact. However, Authors still need the skilled support of librarians, who should also be aware of OAI-related technology and be prepared to plan costs and services.