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Friday, March 09, 2007

Brief primer on open journals

7 Things You Should Know About Open Journals, Educause Learning Initiative, February 2007.

Abstract:  Open journaling tools manage the process of publishing peer-reviewed journals online. They enable users to publish academic journals more easily and much less expensively than traditional methods. They also allow authors to track their submissions through the review process, as well as to access reviewer comments and revise and resubmit articles, which creates a sense of openness and transparency uncommon in traditional peer-reviewed publications.

Comment.  The article itself uses "open journals" in its title, but the splash page and abstract use the phrase "open journaling", which unfortunately suggests diary-writing more than scholarly publishing.  Look past it.  My only quibble with the article is that it suggests that all OA journals use open review.  Some do, some don't.  A journal's access policy is independent of its method of peer review.

BTW, the March installment in this series is 7 Things You Should Know About Creative Commons.