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Friday, March 02, 2007

Australia adopts repository-based research assessment

Steve Hitchcock, Australia takes all-electronic, repository based route to research assessment, Eprints Insiders, March 2, 2007.  Excerpt: 

It seems inevitable that national research assessment exercises will become all-electronic, and likely that materials for assessment wil be accessed in institutional repositories. Furthest developed on this path is Australia with its Research Quality Framework (RQF). Announced in December 2006, the Australian Scheme for Higher Education Repositories (ASHER) program will provide $25.5M over three years to equip Australian universities with repositories in preparation for the RQF: (a) to establish or modify the RQF repository, (b) to upgrade repositories, and (c) to transform the RQF repository into an accessible OA repository. In other words, in three years all Australian universities will have repositories.

To introduce institutions in Australia to this initiative two colloquia on The RQF Explained were held in Sydney (13 Feb 2007) and Melbourne (15 Feb 2007)....[See the] report on the Melbourne meeting by Arthur Sale....

PS:  Just to be explicit, this is good news because it gives researchers one more (very strong) incentive to deposit their research output in OA repositories.