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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More on OA books increasing net sales of print editions

Suw Charman, Open publishing - A few questions left, Strange Attractor, February 26, 2007.  Excerpt:

...Everything I would have said in [a planned lecture for De Montfort's Online MA in Creative Writing and New Media] has already been the Open Publishing category of this blog:

But I'm left with a few questions.
  • What are the numbers? How have Penguin, Tor and Baen seen sales develop over the live of an open book? Do they have any information that would allow a comparison between downloads and sales?
  • Does open publishing prolong the shelf-life of a book?
  • Is success genre specific, and focused on internet-literate readers such as science fiction fans and tech books?
  • Do authors who open publish earn more overall? Do they get more requests to speak, or write for magazines or newspapers? Do they get other paid gigs alongside their writing?
  • Will the model work when we don't need paper at all? Is open publishing a blip, viable only during the period within which ebooks are non-interchangeable with paper books?
  • Do ebook downloaders buy more books overall?
  • What's the relationship between audiobooks and ebooks? ...