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Monday, February 05, 2007

More on Emerald's no-fee hybrid journal program

Tracey Caldwell, Emerald OA experiment pays in kind, Information World Review, February 5, 2007.  Excerpt:

In exchange for open publication on Emerald Asset authors will be asked to submit a summary of their research findings highlighting their practical application.

Emerald Asset will run throughout 2007. The level of author participation and the quality of the summaries will be reviewed at the end of the year when a decision will be made about whether to continue the trial....

This groundbreaking open access model has been some time in gestation. Several years ago Emerald worked with SPARC Europe to try and convert one of its library journals to an author pays open access model....

Authors will be asked assign copyright of their work to Emerald on the basis that authors retain key rights to re-use their work as they wish, including self archiving their Microsoft Word version (including editorial and peer review changes) of their article, with acknowledgement. Emerald is Romeo coded green, allowing authors to archive both pre-print and post-print copies.

[Gill Etienne, Emerald's head of corporate communications] said, “Participants in the Asset trial will continue to retain key rights to re-use their work as they wish both for their research paper and their summary. The summary pages link to the definitive published version of the research paper in the Emerald database. As such, it will be freely accessible in both the EMX journal database and via the summary on the Emerald Engineering web site.”

PS:  For my comments on Emerald Asset, see my blog post for January 5, 2007.  Quick recap:  "I like the way Emerald has traded fees for something else of value:  a second submission emphasizing the practical applications of the first.  The result is a lower hurdle for authors and more useful content for readers...."