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Thursday, February 08, 2007

More on the CERN plan for journals in particle physics

Salvatore Mele, Demystifying Open Access, a public lecture yesterday at CERN.  The talk itself is apparently not online (text, slides, audio, video), but CERN has posted this abstract:

The tenets of Open Access in scientific publishing are to grant anyone, anywhere and anytime, free access to the results of scientific research. Toll-access journals, with their spiralling costs, are in net contrast with this philosophy and with the mandate of many research institutions, among which CERN. CERN has now taken the lead to establish a consortium, SCOAP3, to make Open Access publishing in Particle Physics a reality. We propose a business model, transparent for authors, where journal subscriptions are replaced with single contracts between SCOAP3 and publishers of Open Access journals. Publishers would be thought of as service providers, charged with the quality assurance of the scientific literature and would receive financial compensation for the costs incurred in the organisation of the peer-review service, while assuring Open Access to the accepted articles. This short talk summarises recent developments in establishing Open Access publishing in Particle Physics, discusses the details of the SCOAP3 model and presents an outlook for the future steps for a fast and successful transition of Particle Physics publishing to Open Access.