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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy birthday, BOAI

Happy birthday to the Budapest Open Access Initiative, which is five years old today.

The BOAI is one of a handful of events that catalyzed the international open access movement.  The BOAI offered a definition of OA that has structured action and opinion ever since.  It was the first to call for OA journals and OA archives as complementary strategies.  It was the first to generalize the call for OA, in both forms, beyond a certain field or region, the first to be accompanied by significant funding, and the first to use the term open access

The BOAI emerged from a December 2001 meeting in Budapest convened by the Open Society Institute, which committed $3 million to implement its vision.

(Disclosure:  I helped draft the BOAI and receive support from OSI.  Dilemma:  Should I understate the BOAI's influence just because I have a connection to it?  I can't.  Hence this disclosure.  Call me biased or write your own birthday greeting, but this is my take.)

This isn't the place to recapitulate the last five years of OA activity and show the footprints of the BOAI.  But see Open Access in 2006Open Access in 2005, Open Access in 2004, and Open Access in 2003. I didn't write an OA review for 2002, but I did review OA archiving activity in the first six months after the BOAI launched. And for the details missing from these reviews, there's always my timeline.

To the BOAI, live long and prosper --and to all who have worked for OA worldwide, Happy Valentines Day as well.