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Monday, February 12, 2007

CC licenses for cultural heritage

Esther Hoorn, Creative Commons Licences for cultural heritage institutions: A Dutch perspective, IVIR, September 2006 (73 pp. PDF).  Excerpt:

...This study explores the possibilities for the cultural heritage institutions to provide free access to digital cultural heritage, based on voluntary use of standardized licences. The central question in this research is whether Creative Commons Licences constitute a tool allowing cultural heritage institutions to fulfil their mission within their funding and operational framework....

[A] general policy objective for cultural heritage institutions that cultural heritage should be broadly available and that user involvement should be facilitated. Yet the consequences of this are for a large part not yet translated into policies on access and re-use in the digital environment. From a user perspective for the participation in culture it is of importance to have access as well as the rights to re-use works. CC Licences can be instrumental to identify appropriate levels of sharing in fields of creative practice. For works of which a cultural heritage institution is the rights holder, the use of CC Licences makes re-use easier and therefore stimulates the production of new works....