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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The case for using author addenda to retain rights

R. Michael Tanner, Copyrights and the Paradox of Scholarly Publishing, a preprint, Draft 3, December 4, 2006.  Tanner is the Provost of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Abstract:   While the information revolution has made dissemination of documents faster, easier, and less expensive, scholarly publication has not evidenced the expected benefits. Journal prices have been rising much faster than inflation due to dysfunctions in the market for critical materials. Copyright ownership and control is at the fulcrum in finding a new balance between access and the financial success of publishers. To assure long-term access, authors should consider alternatives, such as including copyright addenda, before transferring copyrights to publishers.

PS:  The CIC author addendum refers readers to Tanner's article "for a fuller consideration of the issues addressed herein".