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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wired News on the AAP

Randy Dotinga, Open-Access: Old-School Publishers Fight Back, Body Hack, January 29, 2007.  Excerpt:

So let's say you're a publisher of medical journals. You charge subscribers hundreds of dollars a year to get the latest studies about oncology or podiatry or abnormal psychology. The money rolls in, the journals roll out, and everything is good. 

Then along come a tide of open-access journals that let everyone read research for free. Do you join the trend for the good of humanity?

Naw. You launch a public relations offensive: ...

This week, I'll be writing a story for Wired News about the future of scientific-journal publishing. It'll be a follow-up to a story I wrote in 2005. 

How big of a threat do open-access journals pose to traditional publishers? What does the old guard hope to accomplish through public relations? And what will the open-access battle mean for your friendly neighborhood scientists and doctors who rely on these journals?

Speaking of open access, Wired News is embracing the concept in its reporting. As I do research and talk to experts for this story, you'll get updates in this blog....If you have thoughts on angles for this story -- and good sources for me to interview -- drop them in the comments.