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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Why environmental research should be OA

Daniel M. Kammen, The need and challenge for Environmental Research Letters, Environmental Research Letters, October-December 2006.  (Thanks to Sustainable Research.)  An editorial in the inaugural issue of a new OA journal.  Excerpt:

As the first open-access journal to cover the whole of environmental science, our aim for ERL is to offer:

Completely free access to original research of the highest quality.  The environmental research and action community is diverse, both intellectually and geographically. ERL's open-access publishing model will make it a truly unique resource for scholars in developed and developing nations, as well as for environmental non-governmental groups, public servants, businesses and industry groups, and anyone who would not normally find their way, or have the financial means, to access an academic journal. Our goal to remain open-access will require that ERL secure a commitment of financial support—ideally from a foundation, individual, or a national or international research agency—so that the journal can publish in this fashion without the support of significant article publication charges. In this area we call on you to consider supporting, or to direct our editorial staff to groups who want to support, this venture....

Outstandingly high article visibility.  ERL's open-access publishing model will guarantee its authors high article visibility, capturing a wide audience that includes both specialists and the wider community. The journal will serve its broad readership by publishing Perspectives that put disciplinary papers in a wider context, and explore the intellectual and policy impacts of broader, cross-disciplinary papers. A significant fraction of the research articles published in ERL will appear with 500–1000 word commentary pieces—solicited from not only leading scholars, but also leading political, business, legal, and community leaders—that extend and expand the dialog of the papers. Several articles published in the inaugural issue of the journal will be accompanied by such Perspectives....