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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Soil scientists endorse FRPAA

The National Society of Consulting Soil Scientists (NSCSS) has endorsed FRPAA.  From its announcement (January 24):

[FRPAA] reflects NSCSS goals regarding the free exchange of information, promoting soil science technology, and eliminating unfair competition from taxpayer supported entities.

If passed, this bill will mean free access to the results of research funded by 11 U.S. federal agencies for everyone - no later than 6 months after publication....

This will allow unprecedented access to soil science literature. For soil scientists around the world, this could mean the difference between either ready access or no access to the latest knowledge in areas like soil science, biology, hydrology, education, and environmental health. For those in a position to develop soil science education programs in developing countries, this initiative will provide a needed resource to help this to happen.

Also see today's announcement from the Alliance for Taxpayer Access.