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Sunday, January 28, 2007

National Library of Chile releases content under CC licenses

From the Creative Commons Blog, January 26, 2007:

Project lead of CC Chile, Claudio Ruiz Gallardo, recently posted to the Creative Commons community mailing list that the Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional del Chile released all of their content under the recently launched CC BY-NC-SA Chile License.

Claudio stated on the cc-community mailing list that:

This is a very important notice for the CC Chile team, because [it] shows how the government can use alternative[s] to the legal framework in order to bring freedoms to use to the citizen[s].

PS:  I'm guessing that this refers to all the library's digital content.  But is it possible that all its content has now been digitized?  Either this is very good news or an order of magnitude better.  I'd appreciate hearing more from someone in the know.  I can't read Spanish, and the library's home page in Google's English doesn't mention the project.