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Monday, January 01, 2007

Launch of the Free Culture Foundation

The Free Culture Foundation launched today.  (Thanks to Glyn Moody.)  From the announcement

The Foundation provides an accessible, independent introduction to the free culture movement, now a global phenomenon thanks to the Creative Commons licenses, [and] organisations like Open Business....

The Foundation defines 'free culture' in terms of four simple principles: the freedom to use, create, share and learn. In recognition of the controversy surrounding the Creative Commons licenses, the Foundation's new web site presents a set of essays that discuss precisely what these might mean. Future plans include packaging free art for free software users and commissioning a set of essays to explain the issues.

Rob Myers, digital artist, said "we fill a gap left by the likes of Creative Commons, popularising a coherent set of principles. We don't pretend to have all the answers, but want people to think more about how technology and the law help or hinder our ability to watch films, write novels, share music with friends and learn to paint." ...

PS:  At least so far, the foundation focuses on culture as art.  Neither the foundation's list of essays nor its list of projects mentions OA or free-culture issues related to science and scholarship.