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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Journal intimidation of faculty who want better terms

James V. Maher, The Research University And Scholarly Publishing: The View From A Provost’s Office, ARL Bimonthly Report, December 2006.  This paper was originally presented at the ARL/CNI/SPARC conference, Improving Access to Publicly Funded Research (Washington DC, October 20, 2006).  Maher is the Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor at the University of Pittsburgh.  Excerpt:

...I worry about the intimidation of faculty that has gone on by some of the journals. I know that attempts to get the faculty engaged and to use the faculty’s inherent strength to deal with problems of scholarly publishing —in particular, access constraints due to the common practice of transferring copyrights to publishers— have really been thwarted by the faculty’s fear that the journals would not publish their work and that, particularly, they wouldn’t be able to get their work into the right journals. But many faculty have tried, albeit fitfully, to have an influence, and their positive results are most evident in the improved cooperation exhibited in recent years by many of the scholarly societies.

Intimidation of the faculty is a real thing and must be dealt with by anyone who sincerely wants to work on this problem and who wants to try to work with the faculty to solve these problems....