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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

JISC will fund a survey of different forms of research output

JISC is soliciting proposals to create a survey of "different forms of research output" used by researchers.  From the invitation to tender:

1. This Invitation To Tender invites proposals to undertake, on behalf of the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), a survey on the use by researchers and teachers of different forms of scholarly output.

2. Funding of £15,000 is available for this work (including VAT and related travel and subsistence).

3. The deadline for proposals is 13:00 hours on Wednesday 7th February 2007....

5. A key performance indicator in JISCís Strategy and Operational Plan is to develop an overview of the barriers to effective scholarly communication and the emerging behaviours and different activities being funded worldwide to improve the position....

8. The use of different forms of scholarly output opens issues of means of access and of rights of access for researchers and for teachers. The use of images is governed by a different IPR regime to that for the use of research articles. An individual book chapter may be more difficult for students to trace and access than a journal article. Data sets related to research articles may require the user to have access to substantial computing facilities....