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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Eprints 3.0 as journal management software

Steve Hitchcock, Using EPrints v3 plugins to produce an OA journal, Eprints Insiders, January 3, 2007.  Excerpt:

The versatility of EPrints v3 plugins to support new applications is already becoming evident, as this enquiry from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, shows. I am grateful to Michel Avital of Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western and Tim Miles-Board from the EPrints team for permission to reproduce this dialogue.

Q (MA) We're in the process of setting up a working paper journal. The journal is set to be OA and peer-produced.

We found ePrints impressive and would like to use it for the management of our journal....However, ePrints treats an uploaded document as a black box or a fixed object and (to my understanding) lacks any way of changing it. We found this a limitation in our instance because we'd like to have some control over the layout of the uploaded papers. At minimum, we'd like to add a cover page that includes a masthead, keywords, and a copyright notice....

A (TM-B) Adding a cover page to a PDF document is something that has been implemented by a member of the EPrints community for EPrints 2.

The latest version of EPrints, v3.0 introduces a plugin architecture for many types of plugin, including conversion plugins....

I see your requirements being met by a PDF-to-"SpecialPDF" conversion plugin which utilises one or more of [the existing PDF manipulation] tools (or other conversion plugins!) to produce a PDF that includes a cover note, header/footer and page numbers....

May I direct you to the Journals section of our Example EPrints Repositories page....Some additional EPrints-based journal repositories are listed on ROAR (Registry of Open Access Repositories).