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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Publisher opens full line of full-text books for Google users

An announcement from the Google Book Search blog:

Recently, DIANE Publishing, which reprints a wide variety of government publications, made all of its titles in Google Book Search 100 percent viewable. While the Partner Program's default settings limit people to viewing 20 percent of any title, you're now free to read every page of every DIANE publication in the index. Explains Herman Baron, President of DIANE Publishing,

Our mission has always been to carefully select U.S. government reports and publish them to make it easier for readers to access this valuable information. Google Book Search provides a way for us to make these documents available to Google users worldwide. The free flow of government information to a democratic society is utmost in our mind....

Feel like browsing? Try an advanced search by publisher to check out the other government reports DIANE has made fully viewable online.